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Our suppliers

Our Transhumance would not have much to offer without the work of producers, farmers, winegrowers, beekeepers and co.
We are happy to offer you quality products that honor our landscapes and proud to contribute to the activity of agricultural and artisanal farms.
The quality of life and respect for the natural heritage is surely what will lead you to take the road to the Pyrenees. And this road is punctuated by passionate, demanding and often very endearing men and women!
Working with them is a pleasure because they are reliable relationships based on trust, solidarity and often friendship.
We hope you enjoy their work and if you feel like it, here is our social directory:

Cheeses & co:
- Bedous: Gaec de l'Aouda greuil
- Moutengou Farm, Osse: mixed, cow, sheep, lactic: 05 59 34 78 03
- Lecun: Ferme Rachou Langlatte, cow, mixed, sheep

- Bedous: Puyaubreau farm, mixed ewe cow

- Lees:Bouchoo farm, cow cheese
- Aydius: Lanset Farm Goat

Casteide -Candau ice cream: Givrés des Prés

Meat, trout, charcuterie:
- Bedous: Lespoune butcher and charcuterie
- Trout: Lees Athas fish farm
- Suckling lambs, sheep: Bedous Ferme de Soubille
- Snails: Routis Cabe Farm
- Trout eggs: Viviers de Sarrance

Honey, jams, chocolate:
- Bedous: The Apiaries of Hélène
- Bedous: Soubille Farm

- Oloron:Lindt

Wines, beers, cider:
-Bearn: Domaine de la Caillabère
-Madiran: Domaine Labranche Laffont
-Jurançon: Domaine Coustarret
-Lignan of Bordeaux: Domaine Sentout

-Estialesc: Brewery of Arrec
-Oloron: Naba Brewery

- Saint-Just-Ibarre: Eztigar cider house ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

Soaps and shampoo:

- Lestelle Betharram: Eaux-Chaudes soap factory

- Lescun: Sauma donkey factory

- Lescar: ADAPEI the Colo-Coustau soap makers