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Vath d'Aspa - The Aspe Valley

Despite 3 bolts (Escot viaduct, Esquit bridge, the fort of Portalet) the Aspe Valley is on international routes since ancient times! At the crossroads between the valleys of Ossau, Barétous, Aragon and Oloron, the Aspe valley retains its pastoral and wild identity.
The soft and alive mountain invites you on its paths, nothing of such to reach the identity of this valley of the Pyrenees!
Paths of transhumance, freedom, lovers, pilgrims, railway of course also ... joy and beauty will be at the top of a "malh" (peak), on the edge of a Gave or under the hazel trees!

To the extent of our knowledge and availability, we will be happy to give you access to the identity of our valley so that your stay is also a source of discovery and sharing.

Some addresses to prepare your stay:

Bring families closer to the mountains:
At Ludopia Park
At the Bear Park

Ideas for walks in the Aspe Valley and elsewhere:

The Aspe Valley seen from the sky in paragliding:
With Ancestry
With Air Attitude
With the Association Accous d'ailes
With the Han'vol Association