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The “Transhumance & cie” restaurant: mountain cuisine presented by the fire

The "Transhumance & cie" restaurant has taken over the old waiting room and passenger hall of Bedous station. At the terminus of the TER Pau-Bedous it is a delightful and invigorating stopover after the train, hiking or a day of work.

We want to offer our customers sensational cuisine inspired essentially by local products and the Béarnese culinary heritage. We favor cooking over a wood fire so that your meal at ""Transhumance & cie"" is synonymous with a change of scenery and a return to basics.
To reserve, please call 05 59 34 97 59 or stop by the restaurant.
No reservation by email or via Facebook.


A horn, a big chimney and a bamboo horn! Atau que avem volut ta la nosta ""cosina deu pais"" a la mòda de Palay e de las mairs bonas. Eth noste Bearn encantat qui prem enter estofat, la garbura, las micas e eth milhasson dab ua bona aulor de carbons!


Garburade menu: €24
French Ham and Vegetable Stew
La Pesca (Baked trout)
or Béarnaise pudding
or 1/2 duck breast
Choice of dessert
(additional €1.50 for Transhumance cups, gourmet coffee, Aspe cake)

Menu ""Mainats"": 9€
up to 11 years old
Water syrup
Small tartiflette or skewer of duck breast or white/country ham
Vegetables, salad
Chocolate cake, fresh fruit salad or ice cream

Half board menu (evening): €23
reserved for guests staying at the hotel
Garbure or Crabòta or Casau
Duck breast or bearnaise pudding or lamb chops or trout or cod à la béarnaise or poquet or tartiflette
Choice of dessert

Daily menu: 15€
only Thursday lunchtime excluding major holidays
Garbure or starter of the day
Today's special
Dessert of the day or cheese plate

Restaurant menu


Garbure 8€
""The"" Béarnaise soup
Crabòta 12€
Crabòta plate as a single dish €14.50
On the goat trail... Warm goat's cheese salad from the Aspe Valley
Hitge €15.50
Gourmet plate, homemade foie gras toast, gingerbread and crazy salad
Salhet 14€
Walk along the banks of the Gave...smoked trout rolls with fresh cheese, corn toast with trout roe
Case 1 0€
Casau plate as a single dish with corn toasts with wild garlic and cheese €12
Tarbes bean salad with herbs and seasonal vegetables
Vic Bilh: €14.50
Plate of snails in wild garlic parsley



La Pesca €14.50
Asasp trout roasted in a wood oven, Jurançon sauce, goat cheese and whole-grain mustard
Cod with Béarnaise €16.50
pot of salted cod and Tarbes beans with chorizo


Meats: cooked over a wood fire

We cook all our meats over a wood fire, please allow for a waiting time due to this cooking method.
Meat from France

Béarnaise pudding €14.50
Lamb chops (4 pieces) €17.50
Duck breast from Ferme Hondet (3/4 breast) €19
Entrecôte for 1 person   (around 350 g) €26
Prime rib for 2 people (around 1 kg) €50

All Origine France meats are served with Béarnaise polenta and grilled seasonal vegetables.

Cheeses from Aspoise farms... from the salt pan to the coals!

Jurançon wine fondues: 2 people minimum
(salad, plate of charcuterie or vegetables)
Aspoise fondue: mixed cow and sheep €35 for 2
Cow Fondue: €31 for 2

Char-grilled raclettes: 2 people minimum
(potatoes, salad, plate of charcuterie or vegetables)
Vaca: Cow tomme €38 for 2
Oelha: Pure sheep's cheese Tomme €44 for 2
Mixed: Mixed Tomme cow and sheep €18 / person. i.e. 41€ for 2

Supplement Plate of cold meats or vegetables of the moment €8
Potato bowl supplement €4

Cheese specialties cooked in a wood-fired oven
for 1 person:
Eth pocket 18€
small mature cheese from the Aspe Valley cooked in a wood oven
(subject to availability, sheep or goat, accompanied by cold meats or vegetables, baked potatoes and salad)
Pyrenean tartiflette €14.50
belly, potatoes, local cheese, Jurançon wine, salad

All the cheeses offered at the restaurant are made from raw milk and come from Aspoise farms.
Drink: We advise you to avoid cold water with melted cheese. Why not try Basque cider or simply herbal tea?


Dessert menu:

All our desserts are homemade (except greuil, ice cream)

Our specialties:

Aspe cake €7.50
(shortcrust pastry with gingerbread, blueberry and cream filling)

The unavoidable :

Gourmet coffee or tea €7.50
(a hot drink and selection of 4 mini-desserts)
Aspois cheese plate €6
We exclusively offer raw milk cheeses, which are not recommended for certain people (young children, pregnant women, fragile people, etc.)
Greil 6€
(subject to availability from March to August) Béarnaise style with coffee, jam or honey

Simple and good like...

The Milhassou 6€
(Gascon flan made from corn flour flavored with orange blossom water)
Le Petit Marquis (Lindt chocolate cake and Salies salt) €6
Fresh fruit salad 6€
Brigalha (crumb-style seasonal fruit verrine) €6
(seasonal fruit tart, sweet hazelnut pastry)
Supplement for a scoop of ice cream with your pastry €2

Our ice creams: Ice creams from the ""Givrés des prés"" farm

In section:
1 ball €3.70
2 balls €5.70
3 balls €7.50
whipped cream supplement €0.50
Le Troubadour: melon and armagnac sorbet €7
Sorbets: raspberry, blueberry, red peach, melon (subject to availability)
Ice cream: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, yogurt

The ""Transhumance & cie"" Cups: €9
Characterful cuts, cap e tot béarnaises that won't leave you cold!  
Ice creams and sorbets from the farm ""Givrés des Prés"" and ""Ferme Bouchoo"", whipped cream, coulis.

Maria Blanca: sheep hay ice cream, blueberry sorbet, chocolate ice cream
In the 19th century, the diva of the ""aurostèras"" was aspoise. Maria Blanca composed and performed funeral songs and did not mince her words!

Pau-Canfranc: Sheep hay ice cream, chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream

A link between Bearn and Aragon, the trans-Pyrenees line crosses our mountains where past exploits and ""ça'i-ça'i!"" resonate. shepherds!

Corisande: Mandarin sheep ice cream, melon sorbet (or raspberry if melon is unavailable), roussane peach sorbet

First great love story of Henry of Navarre before he became Henry IV, Corisande d'Andoins lived in the heart of Gascony during the wars of religion

Anaques: Sheep hay ice cream, sheep mandarin ice cream, yogurt ice cream

Between Lees-Athas, this path under the boxwoods will take you to the bucolic meadows very close to the Bouchoo farm!

In Bèthlèu we have our hearts!